Who is SBC..

Sana Beirut Construction Company "SBC" was found in 2002 initially as a construction company in  BAGHDAD IRAQ. We deal mainly in construction; the head office of the company is based in BAGHDAD IRAQ with branches in all IRAQI governorates such as: Basra, Mousel, Kirkuk and most of the other governorates. SBC at the moment has offices in IRAQ, JORDAN, and KUWAIT.


SBC started as a construction company and evolved into a major supplier of force protection barriers and services contractor. heavy equipment and Vehicle lease is a major part of our business at the moment along with various supplies that range from electronics to food supplies.


 SBC was established in IRAQ in 2002 and SBC manages 5 offices in IRAQ to cover most of the country..


SBC staffs a number of professionals that will enable the company to do all it's work in house, such as design engineers, and a good compliment of technicians and professionals.


SBC never shied away from any size project and will never do that.


SBC mission statement is simple and to the point


SBC has a proven record of performing high quality services to any type of client. SBc has been performing Laundry services for the US government for over two years in two locations. SBC has had many heavy equipment on many a FOB such as FOB KALSU , VBC and SATHER AB. SBC also does many renovation jobs and leases vehicles and busses to the government.


Other services include but not limited to generator maintenance, electrical work, and building maintenance.


SBC has been supplying food stuff to many contractors such as DAMAC and Global.


SBC also has a large pool of professionals that will meet the needs of many requirements. 


SBC provides raw material a  very competitive price to various locations.



[] SBC is owned by Mr. Al-Waleed Al-Windawi.

     Mr. Al-Windawi is the Managing Director.

     Mr. Al-Windawi is a graduate of Civil Engineering from Baghdad State University with 18 years 

       of experience.