Among many things SBC is proud of it’s achievements in the fields listed below..


[•] SBC has a large compliment of professionals and work force to meet many needs such as:

     • Design Engineers,

     • Survey Engineers,

     • Electricians,

     • Technicians,

     • Plumbers,

     • Generator Mechanics,

     • Foremen,

     • Supervisors,

     • Skilled & Un-skilled Labor

     • Janitorial Staff,

     • Laundry Facility Staff,

     • and many other professions.


[•] Heavy Equipment:

     SBC owns and operates many types of heavy equipment on many FOBs within Iraq, to include but not

     limited to the following..

     • Cranes; many sizes up to 120 ton

     • Front end Loaders

     • Dull Dozers

     • Graders

     • Ware House type Forklifts

     • Rough Terrain telescopic Forklifts

     • Flatbeds

     • Dump Trucks

     • Steel drum Rollers

     • Sheep Rollers

     • Backhoes

     • SBC Also leases vehicles t the government such as medium and large SUVs, Crew Cabin Pickup trucks and

       24 pax bus